Changes to Fireside considered

Food options on campus are limited to say the least. But Sodexo is trying to change things up. During the Jan. 31 Student Government Association meeting, SGA Delegate Sarah Liell announced that Sodexo is trying to change Fireside.

A Panera Bread-esque shop with a salad bar and a late-night burrito place could replace Fireside, Liell said.

Students would be able to eat later at night on campus and not have to worry about squeezing in meals or having to travel off campus just to eat, Liell said.

“It’s a good idea. I normally don’t go to Fireside, but I would be interested in the changes,” junior Maddison Baldwin said.

Baldwin’s only concern is wondering if the fried foods that students go to Fireside for will still be available.

Sophomore Lauren McMilleon was more interested.

“I would go for the better and healthier options than the grilled stuff. That’s why I go to the Coffee Cottage. The late night doesn’t do much good for a commuter like me, but it’s good for students as a whole,” McMilleon said.

SGA officials said more information will be coming on the plans.

The SGA also talked about how the Rotaract Club will be flying to Vero Beach, Florida on Feb. 19 for a mission trip. The club will be helping the impoverished town by clearing land for a pregnant women’s shelter, rebuilding schools and working with Habitat For Humanity throughout the area.

“We will be helping the poorest city per capita. The yearly income per person is $10,000 to $15,000. The community is mainly a migrant worker community,” said Club President Daniel Warnecke.

The club requested a little over $4,000 to cover part of the cost of flying, Enterprise vehicles and gas for the rentals. Each of the 17 members of the Rotaract Club attending the trip has raised $300.

SGA approved the request with endorsements from Vice President of Campus Activities Bre Morse and Vice President of Academics Bekah Jensen for $500 each and a $400 endorsement from Vice President of Community Relations Emma Blaiklock.

In other SGA News:

* Bill H122 is now in the hands of state representatives and if the bill passes, Castleton will see and extra $4 million in state funding, SGA members said.

* The Shriners are hosting a Polar Bear Plunge on Mar. 18 at Woodard Marine to help raise money for their hospitals. They are looking for clubs and teams on campus to help fundraise. All proceeds will go to the Shriners Hospitals.

* SGA approved $379 for a new chair for Director of Student of Activities, Matthew Patry.

* A private election was held to fill the position of SGA Secretary. Kara Blakeman has been elected to the position.

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