Fresh Perspectives

The nine-o’clock train sounds in the distance, and I am reminded that I am not home. I begin to think about the differences and the similarities between the life I have known in Liberty and place in which I now live. A six-hour drive and a few hundred miles make for a world of difference between Liberty, Maine, a small village not far from the Atlantic, and Castleton Vermont, a small town hidden in the mountains and filled with Spartans. The latter of which is a place I have only just begun to discover. But, as I begin the search to understand this new town with a royal name, I have taken note of what is and what is not like the kingdom I have come from.

Back in Liberty, an earthy fog would be lifting lazily off of the nearby pond, the world slow in its awakening. The sun, by eight o’clock, would have fully risen, and the streak of colors would have settled into an tidy ball among the tufts of clouds. At that time, I would have still been sleeping, pulling the covers up over my head to block out the cold.

Here in Castleton, my day begins at six-forty or seven o’clock. My alarm dependent on my classes. I make my bed, grab my school supplies, lock my door and head out into the day. I look to the green tops of the trees in the distance, standing tall like curtains in the back of a theater, in which the baseball field is center-stage. And no one gets to see what’s behind the green fabric.

Back in my Liberty, I would sit in my room and write while I listened to music with only my cat for company. In this setting, I could think. Often I would wonder what my life held in store for me, often I thought of life when I would be in the world. My thoughts ebbed and flowed from one idea to another while I worked in my kingdom, new inspirations popping into my stream of mind like leaves falling into a river.

Here, in the thick of adventure, my mind is in a state of constant change. In each moment I have a thought, an idea of the world and people, and feel emotions to their fullest. In the next moment, the idea and feeling both leave me, and new states of being would take their place. But now, my thoughts have an outlet to dream upon, a place for all this thinking to go. Now, both my mind and my body are in the world, and my ideas can challenge and be challenged by reality. Now, in this new place which is every day becoming more and more familiar to me, I feel free. I feel free to run towards who I want to be.

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