Are Americans too crazy for Black Friday?

In 2008, a woman was trampled at Walmart and killed by Black Friday shoppers. has a list of seven deaths and 98 injuries that have happened on Black Friday in the United States from 2006 to 2014.

Rather than backing off on Black Friday sales, stores now start their sales on Thursday –

also known as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is meant to be a day spent with family eating copious amounts of turkey and being thankful for the harvest of the year before. Instead, we are using it to get good deals on Christmas presents.

Christmas is taking over the month of November already with Christmas music starting to play in stores Nov. 1.

The sad thing about it is that it’s making people forget what Christmas is all about. Christmas is another holiday that is supposed to be about family and it’s been made into a holiday that’s all about gifts.

Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if stores open at midnight, it still screws Thanksgiving Day up for those who have to be at work then.

They need their sleep before they go in and work their shift so they would be sleeping through a normal dinnertime. That means that their Thanksgiving is messed up.

Having sales start on Thursday isn’t just ruining Thanksgiving for people who have to work though.

People are actually moving when they have dinner or not having Thanksgiving at all because they want to do their shopping instead.

Some states, stores and malls are pushing back against the new trend. Mall of America doesn’t open until 5 a.m. on Black Friday. Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island have made it illegal for stores to be open on Thanksgiving.

If states are making it against the law, clearly something is wrong. Also, the biggest mall in the United States has decided they will stay closed to make sure people who work there have time with their families.

That’s what the holidays are supposed to be about. We shouldn’t be so focused on buying the perfect gift for someone we can’t spend any time with. It defeats the purpose because it doesn’t seem like you care about people if you have to spend all your time shopping that should be spent with them.

This time of year, we all need to remember to slow down and spend time with those we love because that’s what will make people know we care, not the cashmere sweater you got them for $20 at Macy’s on Thanksgiving because you were too cheap to wait and pay full price.

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