What happened to the Castleton way?


  A lunch time rush filled the Coffee Cottage. People were packed in, trying to maneuver between tables to get their own space.

                For Ashlee Brady- Kelly, that is more difficult. She is in a wheelchair, so it’s harder to get through crowds. This past week, someone made it more difficult for her.

                “Can’t you go somewhere else? You’re taking up too much space.”

                Ashlee stood up for herself, saying that she has just as much of a right to be there as anyone else.

                When journalism students are taught how to write, we are advised to avoid swearing unless it is completely necessary. That being said, I have one thing to say.

                What the fuck.

                Before I came to school here, I took a tour. I remember it being highlighted that everyone was nice. That when you go down the sidewalk, you can say hello to anyone and be greeted with a smile. Everyone holds the door open for everyone else, and it’s safe to leave your things unattended.

                After learning about this incident, I am appalled.

                The workers in the Coffee Cottage were shocked about this after Ashlee told them what happened because Castleton is supposed to be a safe place.

                I was too.

                This is not acceptable anywhere. In the real world, you won’t get very far if you’re like that. Celebrating other people’s differences is how we make friends.

                Apparently, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Ashlee.

                According to the ladies at the Coffee Cottage, last year she got stuck in a snow bank on campus. People walked by her without helping, and she had to call Public Safety to get her out.

                She barely left her room for two weeks after that.

                Since Ashlee does not live on the first floor, she has to use the elevator in Hoff to get to her room. Last year, students repeatedly put furniture in there, making it impossible for her to use it. When she took it out, she was met with someone calling her a bitch, according to a friend of hers.

                What happened to being decent? How hard is it to take a few extra minutes out of your day to help someone who is struggling?

                I hope the people who have treated her this way are reading this, because I have something to say to them.

                Subjecting others to this type of intolerance is simply not okay. Why don’t you take a step back, look at yourself, and ask, do you really want to be the type of person to make someone else’s day worse?

                Karma is a very real thing. Remember that next time you need an extra foot of room during lunch.

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