Costa sees opportunity with Castleton Wrestling


For junior transfer student Jared Costa, Castleton wrestling is an open door.  In his short college career, he has seen a program come to end at his old school, and been a part of the growth of a new one.  Although Division II wrestling at Anderson University didn’t work out for Costa, the sports administration major feels he is now a part of a program that will be bigger and better.


Q: What is it like participating on a first-year varsity sport here at Castleton?

A: I think it’s awesome because you kind of set the bar for what the program is going to be like in the future.  In two weeks of practice, I’m probably in better shape conditioning-wise than I ever was when I was at Anderson.


 Q: What are the team goals or expectations for this year?

A: This year no one expects our team to be good because we’re a first-year team, but some people don’t understand how good of a coach coach (Scott) Legacy is. We’re aiming to have multiple All-Americans and Academic-All-Americans this year, as well as being a top team in the region.


 Q: You said you are a transfer student, why did you choose to come to Castleton?

A: I came to Castleton because my previous school dropped wrestling as an official sport, and I saw Castleton as an awesome opportunity to continue my wrestling career. Coach Legacy, Coach Forrest, and the sports department as a whole gave me the impression that the best place to continue wrestling was at Castleton.


 Q: How has Castleton improved your experience with your wrestling career?

A: Coming to Castleton changed the way I looked at wrestling completely. At my previous school, our team finished with a total of two wins and no NCAA qualifiers. Here at Castleton, there is an expectation from everyone on the team for us to win and have multiple All-Americans. This has made wrestling more enjoyable because there is more meaning and purpose to what I am working for.  


 Q: What song(s) gets you most amped for matches?

A: I don’t have a go-to song for matches. I like to mix it up and listen to a variety of music to keep myself relaxed before matches.  Mostly a mix of Hip-Hop/Rap and reggae.


 Q: Who is your favorite professional wrestler and why?

A: My favorite wrestler is 2016 Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder from Ohio State University. Snyder is the youngest American to win gold in the Olympics for wrestling, and is still currently a junior at Ohio St. I like him because I enjoy watching him wrestle, and think he has a great mentality and attitude for wrestling.


Q: Would you be an MMA fighter if given the chance?

A: It would depend on what I have going on in my life at the time. I enjoy watching MMA, but when my wrestling career is over I want to put my college education to use and pursue a job in the field I studied four years to get.


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