Ya Know What Grinds my Gears?

Throughout this semester, I will be writing a blog about things that bother me, along with my friends and even complete strangers. I asked around about people’s biggest pet peeves and heard a variety of answers. The answers ranged from people using hand dryers in public bathrooms to people scraping their fork on their teeth after taking a bite of food. I’m a pretty simple guy, but as I really thought about this blog it hit me— I really don’t like a lot of things.

To start off, this week I decided to let everyone know my biggest pet peeve so that any future altercations can hopefully be avoided.

So, out of all the things that absolutely bother me, the greatest pet peeve of mine, and the thing that “grinds my gears” most of all is, hands down, when people don’t say “thank you” after holding the door for them.

If there is someone behind me, I am likely always going to hold the door open for them out of respect and because that’s the way I was raised. I’ll do it unless they’re at the awkward distance where you’re sitting there holding the door for more than three seconds or I simply have something against them. At that point, I’ll probably just pretend I didn’t see you and carry on with my day.

I mean honestly, how goddamn hard it is to say “thanks” after I take the time out of my day to hold the door open for you. Seriously though, have some manners. In fact, yesterday I found myself in this exact scenario walking through a set of double doors in Woodruff Hall. After holding the first door open for a complete stranger without hearing a thank you, the second door was shut in his face and was well deserved.


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