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You’re scared, helpless, pinned down and screaming for help. The football team you transferred schools to play for is now your worst nightmare. A never-ending horror.

This was Milton High School student Jordan Preavy’s reality in August 2011.

He was forcibly held down by four teammates and sodomized, over his clothes, with a broomstick by another.

Jordan Preavy committed suicide the follow year in August 2012.

Now, Jordan’s parents are in the middle of an emotional lawsuit against the school Superintendent John Barone, Principal Anne Blake and three other current and former employees.

What happened to Jordan was wrong on so many levels, but what makes me sick is the lack of institutional transparency. According to Police Capt. Dan Troidl, who investigated Milton’s policies and procedures on reporting sexual abuse, teacher-coach Jim O’Grady and retired Athletic Director Joe Solomon did the right thing in reporting it up the ladder to Blake and Barone. But that is where the reporting was stopped.

Both Barone and Blake failed to report the incident of sexual hazing to the state and that makes me physically ill.

Like, how?

How as a teacher can you not report something as horrifying as thing to the authorities?

I praise O’Grady, who heard of the incident from his son, and Solomon for reporting it to their direct bosses, but their blame can’t be lifted. Once they saw that superiors were taking no further action, they should’ve gone to authorities.

An educator, or any person for that matter, who can hear this and do nothing shouldn’t be teaching or interacting with youth.

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