Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion

Alright, alright, alright. Got a fresh update on the upcoming expansion to Destiny, “Destiny: Rise of Iron,” is set to release on Sept. 20 2016. It’s a First Person Shooter with Sci-Fi influence that takes place within our solar system.

Destiny is colossal and packed with tons of story and lore that really casts you full throttle into a whole new world.

 In year one of Destiny, you followed the leads of a mysterious female Exo Stranger in hopes of saving the Traveler from the Darkness, killed a hive prince known as Crota (dudes pretty gnarly looking) and then aided the Queen of the Reef in capturing Skolas, Leader of the House of Winter.

 Year two, you just spent time campaigning against (and eventually killing) Crota’s pissed off dad, Oryx.

Highlight reel of the past two years complete, now onto the good stuff.

Rise of Iron is by far going to be the best expansion. Why you may ask? Because one of the main focuses of this expansion are the Iron Lords, hence Rise of Iron.

It delves into the background of Lord Saladin, and what happened to the other Iron Lords when they faced a technological plague known as SIVA. The Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to contain the plague, to keep it locked away. The Fallen, a tech-hungry race that loves cybernetic augmentations, found SIVA and brought it back.

Now a whole Fallen army infected by the SIVA tech, threatens the last city on Earth, with their spiky metal peg legs…How intimidating.

The new area called the Plaguelands, that the Guardians will get to explore, is located on good ol’ planet Earth. The light level cap has been bumped up from 335 to 400, you get more weapons, a new raid, and more armor.

You also get some neat pre-order bonuses, such as the Gjallarwing Sparrow (vehicle) and a new take on the original beast of an exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn. There is supposedly a very long and lengthy quest line you must complete in order to unlock it though. Seems fit for such an eloquent weapon.  These two gifts are only guaranteed when you pre-order Destiny: Rise of Iron though, so if you’re itching for a sweet new ride and one boss ass rocket launcher, you got T-minus 13 days to do so! I’ll catch ya in the Plaguelands, (aka me) just nerding out while you’re off doing better things!



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