Bar at Castleton Pizza, still a work in progress

The bar at Castleton Pizza Place and Deli remains a work in progress. Students and faculty alike await the opening of a new hangout within walking distance of campus. 

Castleton University students have long awaited the opening of the bar that’s been in the works since last semester at the Castleton Pizza Place and Deli.

The wait should be over next month, according to its manager, Wenger Rehlen.

Unlike Fishtail, the bar being put into the Pizza Place and Deli will be more laid-back and casual, Rehlen said.

It is also right next to campus, so students can stumble back instead of finding a ride from Fishtail. The bar will be convenient and will be like a “third place,” which professor Philip Lamy believes would be an asset to our community.

“All human beings exist in three different places: home, school, community/neighborhood. A real third place is where you are where community happens. This is where we meet our neighbors,” Lamy said.

There are surpluses of events at Castleton, but there are not many places to go and hang out, he said.

“In our society today, we’ve confused the importance of events with places. I’d rather go to a place that’s simple and comfortable that already has a built in audience,” Lamy said.

Like students, Lamy said he’s excited for the opening.

“I’ll be one of the first people sitting there at the bar,” he said.

Based on interviews with students, he’s likely not to be alone.

“I’m excited about it. I think it will be nice having a bar within walking distance of campus. Hopefully it’s done by my 21st birthday,” said senior Becca Bushee.

Other students shared the same reactions.

“I’m very excited, solely on the fact it will be much safer for students. They can walk to it from campus and not have to worry about finding a ride to or from drinking and driving,” said junior Nick Barnier.

Reba Miller, an employee of The Castleton Deli and Pizza Place and a junior at Castleton, shared her excitement as well.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product. The bar has potential to be a really sweet spot,” Miller said.

Rehlen, son of local businessman John Rehlen, gave insight on his hopes for the bar.

“ I think it will be successful. Well, it will hopefully bring some more people in. We’ve had a lot of success with our bar out back. Customers tend to gravitate toward the casual dining bar experience,” he said.

He said the bar’s scene will differ vastly from Fishtail Tavern. Rehlen refers to this bar as a “different market.”

“I’m not really going after the late-night crowd so to circle back around about Fishtail, I think students will go for that, a late-night drinking kind of thing. This is more geared toward dined eating and drinking, a pub atmosphere,” Rehlen said.

Although there’s still a little wait, Miller said, “all good things come with time.”











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