WIUV broadcasts across the world

William Chmielewski / Castleton Spartan

Students Vincent Guerrera and Zach Dowwork in the
WIUV studio in the Campus Center.

It is not uncommon for students to routinely hear the sounds of the campus radio station, WIUV.

Whether at Huden, Glenbrook Gym or the Campus Center, the station is never far from reach of the students of Castleton. Now, with the help of Tunein.com, the station can be streamed across the United States and even around the world.

 WIUV’s Program Director Will Chmielewski talked about his experience with listeners around the globe.

“I’ve seen listeners from Britain, France, China, Japan… a few places in South America like Brazil, Chile at one point – even in the Caribbean there were a couple people tuned in,” Chmielewski said.

 He also talked about how the site has spread the station’s outreach.

“People can search an artist on Tunein.com, like Pitbull for example (the artist playing on the station at the time), and it’s going to list every station playing his music. So anybody that searches Pitbull would see WIUV at the top of the list since it’s streaming his music right now,” he said.   

The site essentially guides people to different stations around the world catered to their music preferences.

Louie Van Horn, the station’s music director, also credits Tunein.com for WIUV’s fan base outside Vermont.

“The majority of my show’s listeners are people from back home in New Jersey, like my friends or band mates that are into the same music,” Van Horn said.

But he said he loves it when people tune in from far away.

“I’ve had some listeners from Mexico one day, which was cool. Some people from Canada another day… There’s this one guy from France that just randomly tunes in every so often,” Van Horn added. “The station is a good opportunity to spread music to the local community, but also across the world.”

Freshman Olson Humphrey was surprised by the news.

“I wouldn’t have guessed people from all across the world had access to our radio station, that’s pretty cool … It kind of makes me feel a little more connected than I did to those parts of the world,” Humphrey said.

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