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It’s 2016 and binge watching television series has taken on a whole new meaning. Some may ask what the key is to surviving those long treacherous weeks during school, and in the Castleton University community. The answer is – Netflix.

According to Uproxx, a digital media and blog network, some of the most watched series on Netflix include “Breaking Bad,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Orange is the New Black.”

“Friday Night Lights” is a popular one among a group of students.

Brock Labelle said he loves Netflix and has binge watched just about everything on it. His favorite though?

“’Friday Night Lights!’ It was a show that a lot of people were talking about and it definitely lived up to the hype,” Labelle said.

Morgan Hewitt quoted the famous meme, “I don’t always watch Netflix, but when I do, I find a show I like and watch all seven seasons in two days. Then I get depressed when it’s over.”

“I started watching “Friday Night Lights” and once I finished that I went back to watching “One Tree Hill” for the third time. Now I’m back to watching ‘Friday Night Lights,’” Hewitt said.

Another common show that is frequently revisited was his other favorite, “One Tree Hill.”

“I’m binge watching ‘One Tree Hill’ again,” giggled Emily Lowell.

“I started watching it because everyone else was, then I just kept watching it because I fell in love with Nathan Scott and wanted to be Haley James,” Lowell said with lust in her eyes.

Even professor Bob Fredette said a quiet peaceful day off should be spent watching “Game of Thrones.”

“I can watch 10 episodes (one season) in one day,” Fredette said.

When asked if he was binge watching anything of Netflix, Mike Plaisance said, “Too many shows, “Boardwalk Empire” is my favorite though.”

Assistant Director of Resident Life Shaun Williams has a whole list of Netflix favorites. He claimed he doesn’t binge watch, even though he admitted he watches four or five episodes every night. His latest addictions are the “Blacklist” and “Fuller House.”

“I currently workout to the ‘Blacklist’ while I do the elliptical. I was desperately in search for a new show, then ‘Fuller House’ came out and I quickly watched those 13 episodes and loved all the cute flashbacks and dances they did,” Williams said.

Bre Morse splits time between “Bates Motel” and “Sons of Anarchy.” Emily Cross is binge watching “Orange is the New Black,” Kayla Striebe is watching “New Girl” and Jed Zawisza is enjoying “White Collar.”

Reference librarian Charlotte Gerstein finished “Gilmore Girls” with her kids in a few months.

“I especially loved watching this show with my kids because Lorelai is such a great role model as far as talking through feelings and issues and conflicts with people, so we all learned. And Rory is such a great role model for kids as far as being focused and mature and a good friend,” Gerstein said.

Not all students use it for the same reason though. Paige Crickard uses Netflix for keeping in touch with friends.

“Currently I’m watching ‘New Girl,’ ‘White Collar,’ and ‘Madam Secretary,’” said Crickard.“I’m watching ‘New Girl’ with my friends and it’s a great way to spend time with each other. The other shows I watch with my family members. It’s a good way to stay connected with them,” Crickard said.

In some cases, students prefer Hulu over Netflix to do their binge watching.

Alex Madsen uses Hulu to keep in touch with the “Real Housewives” whereas Vidavanh Xapilak is watching “The Awesomes.”

Have you thought of what TV series you want to binge watch next?


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