Back to the drawing book

My name is Joshua McLaughlin, and as many of you know, I am the current editorial cartoonist for The Spartan. After this issue’s latest piece, I will be stepping down to concentrate on finishing my bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies (for teacher licensure) for the coming new semester. There may be an outside chance that my art could return for a guest appearance in a coming issue, but that is not likely the case. Anyway, I just wanted to send a thank you to the staff and readership of the Spartan paper for letting me showcase my pieces in this paper. I have enjoyed having this paper serve as an avenue for my artistry. I really like to get into my own space and draw in my free time, so to be able to have that privilege of bringing my talents to such a public forum has been an amazing opportunity. Being in this position for the Spartan has given me the experience to grow in my hobby, so to Professor David Blow, acting editors Callie Ginter and Catherine Twing, and the rest of the great folks at The Spartan, I will be forever grateful for their aid and support. I also wanted to extend my appreciation to the many readers who pick up Castleton University’s student-led paper every day for local news and entertainment. For those who know me, I can pick up a lot of comments and questions about my artwork, but I will never know the full extent of its impact on the student body or the university’s faculty. I just hope that most, if not all, of you out there received some joy from my pieces. I do not know this, but I would also hope that some of the works made you think about some of the problems that we as students face on our campus, along with our obligatory role, and responsibility, to work with the educators and other employees of the university to address those needs. If it made someone’s day better or gave someone a new perspective on our place in this wider community, I will have done my job admirably. To waiting new experiences, uncharted horizons, and the untapped potential of the burgeoning artist who takes my place in the spring, I tip my hat off to all! This is not a long ride off into the sunset, so much as a cleaning of the Castleton drawing slate for the next adventure (besides, trying to spell auf wiedersehen is kind of a pain).

– Joshua McLaughlin 

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