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Life. You live it, I live it, we see other people living it. But do we ever stop to question our understanding of this mysterious “game of life?”  If someone were to randomly ask you about your beliefs about life, would you have answers? And, really, how important are the BIG questions in life, anyway? 


            “To, um, to be happy. To be healthy and to enjoy your time that you have… And to have babies!!!” Rachel Elliot, member of Castleton University women's ice hockey, giggles as she gives her thoughts on what the meaning of life is. But really, how often do we consider the BIG questions, anyway? “ Oh my god…dude…the meaning of life…huh…as a person? I have no clue!” Hannah Wright, CU women's ice hockey team-mate, laughs as she forfeits to the question. Life, the ultimate mystery: what do you believe?

            Over in Castleton's IT Department, student tech worker Jake Stafford has an answer. “To find one's purpose which aligns with a greater good.” Jake, a senior student from Fort Worth Texas, seemed to have more than a few awesome answers to mysterious questions. “Aligning what you do with what you believe” is the key to leading a fulfilling life, says the Texan philosophy and computer information systems major. Hannah Wright, on what constitutes a fulfilling life, believes the answer is “forming good relationships with people…you know, loving relationships… and setting personal goals and reaching them.”

            Life. Mysterious life. What about death? What happens to and with our consciousness after we die? “Oof that's a tricky one…um… I don't know, I don't know what I believe happens,” answers Chyenne Williams, support specialist and psychology major at Castleton University. Hannah Wright is a little more sure. “I think there's an afterlife…um, I think I kind of believe your spirit lives on, I guess– in some form.” Rachel Elliot remarked, “I hope that we still, float around in some way– that we're not just… gone.” What do you believe? 

            Looking back in life, the Castleton students chose one piece of advice that they'd give to their younger selves: “Don't care what others think,” answered Chyenne Williams. “Get involved with more extracurricular activities!” snapped Hannah Wright. “Take more time on yourself rather than others,” said Rachel Elliot. What advice would you give your younger self?

            Bob Marley, on greatness of a human: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”


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