Career fair has something for everyone

Students at Castleton's annual career fair.
Photo Contributed from Catherine Twing

Career fairs are valuable if you are actively seeking employment, but what if you are an undeclared freshman, years from job searching? Well the career fair at Castleton has got something for you too.

The career fair planned for Thursday March 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Glenbrook Gymnasium will have representatives from over 40 organizations, each actively hiring and recruiting as well as providing information and fun prizes to attendants.

“These organizations represent internships, jobs, summer jobs and graduate schools,” Director of Career Development Renee Beaupre White said. In addition to traditional job fair booths there will be free chair massages, makeovers, a photographer to take professional Linked-in photos and PRAXIS information.

The career fair is also the first chance seniors get to pick up graduation tickets. According to Career Services Intern Kristin Helm, all seniors who get their tickets at the fair will be entered to win a free cap and gown.

In addition to the traditional career fair elements, this year’s event will also have representatives from every major and program at Castleton, giving undeclared students a chance to see what they might be interested in.

Beaupre White cannot stress enough how there will be opportunities for everyone, whether it’s meeting a future employer or just a casual conversation with someone in a field of interest. If students are interested in finding jobs or internships, she encourages them to bring copies of their resumes.

“Over 80 percent of jobs are found through connections,” Beaupre White said. “This is an ideal time to network.”

She added that it might be as a first-year student you meet someone who will lead you to a job post- graduation.

Senior Hollie Nop knows the importance of networking at job fairs. It was during her first year she made a connection that led to an internship at The Vermont Country Store.

“Finding a summer internship was the farthest thing from my mind, especially as a freshman,” Nop said. “I hesitantly approached the recruiter and started a conversation. Rather than the awkward semi-interview I was expecting, a casual discussion about my work history and academic experience began.”

That casual conversation gave Nop the opportunity to gain experience in her desired field of business.

 “Within 3 weeks, I had a full-time, paid summer internship, which ended up extending during the school year and throughout the next summer,” Nop said.

The hope is that similar connections will be made at the upcoming event.

“Everyone coming has job openings,” Helm said. “Jobs can come of this. It’s not just an info session.”

Both Helm and Beaupre White encourage students to keep their minds open when it comes to which companies might be interested in hiring.

For example, people assume Green Mountain Power just hires engineers, but they need communication and business savvy individuals as well.

If students wish to prepare further for the fair, Career Services is offering a free workshop about job and internship search strategies on Thursday March 12 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m in the South House seminar classroom.


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