Slow internet explained

As promised, Castleton President Dave Wolk has followed up on student concerns about the school’s Internet service.

According Associate Acedemic Dean Yasmine Ziesler, since the upgrades this summer, Internet on campus is working five times faster than last year.

“Our real-time usage charts show that the campus is only utilizing, on average, about 30 percent of this capacity,” Ziesler wrote in an email. “The most we’ve used at any given time since the start of classes this fall is 50 percent.”

But if the Internet is supposed to be working perfectly, why are there still complaints?

Ziesler explained that for the most part, issues are on an individual basis and have little to do with the college’s network as a whole.

“Most of the issues we’ve encountered this fall have been specific to a particular student’s account or device, but we have encountered some areas with low wireless signals and we’ve increased density of wireless access in those areas,” Ziesler wrote.

She and Wolk want to assure students that the college is expanding and improving Internet reliability to the best of their ability with the finances available.

If students or staff are still having trouble connecting to the network or maintaining a strong connection, they are encouraged to contact IT Services via email or at 802-468-1221.

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