Fresh Perspective

Two weeks left! This is the point where the workload gets heavier and the people get lazier. We are at the final stretch and I can see the holiday break in the distance. Then when I look at what comes before the break, I get instantly stressed out.

This is the point where it seems like teachers throw everything they’ve got at us. They realize just as quickly as we do that there is only a short amount of time left. This is also when they realize that there is still so much more material to teach in the remaining time. So they proceed to give us what seems like endless amounts of work in order to fit everything they planned in.

This can seem extra stressful to students, and especially to us freshmen. I mean, we’ve all experienced exams before because of high school, but nothing like this. We are all starting to realize that we actually have to study in order to pass exams, and that more time needs to be allotted for school than ever.

Coming off of this past Thanksgiving break, so many people have been complaining about how hard it is to get back into the regular school routine. After waking up late and eating home-cooked meals, coming back to school was more difficult than ever. What we all have to realize, as hard as it may be, is that it is all for a purpose.

I am hopeful that everyone who decided to come to Castleton did so because they want to achieve their career dreams and learn more. As hard as it is to transition back to the school schedule, think about the value of it. In the end, all of the complaining about food or having to wake up early will all seem minor when you are waking up to go to your dream job and making money doing something you love.

Besides, if you think this is hard, wait until you are away from school for three weeks and have to return after Christmas break and start a whole new semester. That’ll be hard. Trust me when I say that we will all get through it. I know it may seem like the end of the world now, as does everything, but it’s really not.

These breaks are for us to decompress and relax for a bit. They are not for forgetting all about school and slacking off. I know, I sound like I’m nagging, but I know from personal experience that is not the way to go.

During this Thanksgiving break, I did what every freshmen probably did and didn’t check my e-mail, put homework off until the last minute, and forgot about school altogether. Boy did I get a slap in the face when I can back to school and was rampaged with a stampede of work.

Take it from me and don’t put your schoolwork off during vacations. Remember the overall goal and the big picture. And as much as it sucks, it’ll suck even worse when you don’t graduate.


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