Cable isn’t coming back

Students asked for their cable back, and the Student Government Association listened.

Unfortunately, the issue isn’t a matter of good will, it’s a matter of money: something the college is currently lacking.

After students voiced their discontentment over the loss of cable TV earlier this fall, SGA delegate Emma Faucher created a survey to better evaluate the issue. More than 450 students passionately responded to the survey and their responses led SGA to create a resolution to bring to President Dave Wolk.

Several delegates of the SGA took on the challenge of writing a non-binding resolution seeking the return of cable services. According to SGA President Elizabeth Young, SGA has not made a resolution seeking action by the administration in many years making this an exciting endeavor.

In the resolution, the SGA explains that it understands the financial constraints, but “urges the college to reconsider its choice to terminate cable service.”

The resolution also asks the administration to “bring back cable…or expand high speed internet capabilities.”

Before a Nov. 11 meeting with Wolk to discuss the issue, Young and SGA Vice President Julia McIntyre had a modest goal: to fulfill the purpose of SGA.

That purpose, according to Young, is “to represent the student body and its interests.”

Measuring Wolk’s reaction, they seem to have succeeded.

In an email, Wolk wrote he was “very impressed by the way the SGA surveyed students, and how they developed and delivered the resolution in such a respectful and responsible manner.”  

Although pleased, he also explains that previously stated reasons for eliminating cable are still relevant. Those reasons included popularity of online streaming sites, limited financial resources, and synchronization with what other colleges are doing.

While not much is being done to fix the cable situation at the moment, Wolk did not desert the students.

“Although there are no guarantees about if or when cable TV might be restored, I do promise that we will look very seriously at the reliability of internet access campus wide,” he said.

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