New faces of Castleton’s Activities Board

Meghan Hakey and Dave Levoli are two out of the three new faces in the CAB office. 

Anyone who has stepped into the Student Government Association office this year has noticed a change, and not just the couches. 

The three former faces to occupy the desks Melissa Paradee, Alex Davis and Eric Dowd have all moved on. In their place are Matt Patry, Meghan Hakey and Dave Ievoli in the roles of director of student activities, graduate assistant program advisor and student activities director, respectively.

A graduate earlier this year, Hakey brought home multiple academic awards, including the Distinguished Service Award, Abel E. Leavenworth Leadership Award, and Actor of the Year awards. 

 “It’s kind of strange actually,” Hakey said. “To go from graduating in May, and then becoming a staff member here. There are a lot of things that are very different. I don’t hang out with my undergraduate friends as much because I’m in my office all the time.” 

But while it is taking getting used to, Hakey said she’s enjoying her new role and that some aspects aren’t too new.

“It has actually been a lot of fun, because I’ve worked with Student Activities and Student Orientation stuff a lot over here with Student Life, so it’s kind of cool to get into a position where I’m working with them almost full-time,” she said. 

Ievoli has some big plans for Castleton this year, including bringing a spring concert back to campus. 

“That is my big goal as CAB director, is to bring a concert here. Every school around us has concert, but we don’t,” he said. 

Patry said he’s exited about his new role and the effort of Ievoli.  

“I’m really proud of David. He is taking the time to think long-term.  He is not just thinking about what he can get done this semester. He is thinking about what spring weekend is going to be, and he is already thinking about that in September,” he said.

But Ievoli stressed it’s important for students to spread the word about events – and show up.

“Encourage people to come to events. We have a lot of great things going on,” he said.

If the successful Headphone Disco event on Aug. 29 was a telling sign of the year to come, Castleton is in for quite a year. 

You can follow Castleton CAB on Facebook or Twitter, where you could win prizes. @Castleton_CAB


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