Dancing to an unheard beat



Colored lights glowed in the Castleton College Pavilion, fla

Students pose for a group photo at the Headphone Disco in the pavillion. 

shing and moving to the beat of unheard music. Everyone wore headphones, their bodies twisting and curving to flow along with music only they could hear. 

They were participating in Headphone Disco, the first CAB event of the fall semester, where participants danced to the sounds of streaming music through headphones leaving only the sounds of dancing feet for passersby. 

“It seems weird at first, listening to the music with the headphones on and dancing around everyone,” said Katie Haseltine. 

But it appeared that many of the students present had managed to get past the ‘weirdness’ of it all as many danced in groups with wide smiles upon their faces. A few students even gathered around in a circle to cheer on a fellow dancer as he took the spotlight with his moves. His arms and legs created sharp angles as he swung his limbs to and fro. It was an electric atmosphere filled with lots of laughter and cheering – not to mention singing.

 The singing was something that struck Olivia Bartlett, a member of CAB.

 “It’s funny, because you’ll hear half the group singing when it goes quiet on your own channel.”  

Djs would also talk to students over the headphones, causing half the students to reply while the other half had no idea of what was being said because they were listening to the other DJ. 

It was a controlled chaos of an event, and a perfect way to kick off the new semester at Castleton. 

“It was a huge success,” said David Ievoli, vice president of CAB, who helped organize it. “We had about 200 people in and out all night, and the best part was getting texts the next day from people telling me that they totally missed out. It was a lot of fun! People were really skeptical at first but in the end everyone had a great time. 

Ievoli said CAB hopes to host another one in the spring. CAB also plan to host a rave on Sept. 27.

“We have a lot of really great stuff planned. Homecoming weekend we’re going to have a game show event, Family Feud. We’re also going to bring in a hypnotist again since it was such a hit last year. We also want more dances, and to try and do open mic nights on Tuesdays. Another thing we’re really hoping to do is a paint party at some point. Night events are something that we really want to do so we can get people interacting with one another on campus,” he said. 

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