Lose those sweats

It’s 7:45 a.m. and your clock is screaming at you to wake up. Groggily you roll over to smack the clock quiet. You rise from your bed like a dead zombie. You look in the mirror; run your fingers through your hair once, slip on shoes then leave for class.

Just yourself and the clothes you slept in.

Welcome to college! Where you can wear the clothes you wore the night before to your 8 a.m. and not care about your appearance at all.

However, there are some people that deeply disagree with the way college students present themselves.

Michelle Wong, a student at Syracuse University wrote an article in 2011 called, ‘I Don’t Understand Why… People Wear Sweatpants to Class’

She writes, “…one of the biggest things I don’t understand is why college students (especially juniors and seniors) wear sweatpants to class!” 

Sweatpants are a great route if you’re sick. But once you’re done and working in the real world, you wouldn’t show up in sweats, would you?

“Also, wearing sweatpants to class gives others the impression that you just don’t care enough to put a bit of effort into your appearance,” Wong writes.

According to an article by Jackie Tempera of USA Today, wearing a certain type of clothing can affect the wearer’s psychological behavior. This is called enclothed cognition.

“Some schools, such as Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla., are tapping into this psychological power and enforcing dress codes.” Tempera writes.

Though, many Castleton students will disagree with this, there are those who agree that students should be presenting themselves in a professional manner.

Junior and business major, Sandra Jones used to not care about what she wore to class, but recently her opinions have changed and so has her wardrobe. 

“I’ve noticed that when I wear nice clothes, I tend to get more compliments,” Jones Said. “I dress up for myself, but I’m also required to for my major.”

Not every student should be considered lazy for what they wear; however. Some students need to be in jeans and a t-shirt for their specific major. 

Can you imagine an art major going to class in a button-up shirt and dress pants? 

College students have a lot going through their head daily and are almost always pulled in every direction possible. Sweats can be okay every once in awhile, but two-three days in a row might send a negative message to the professors. 

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