Rising costs decreases movie theater attendance

With the popularity of Netflix and other media websites skyrocketing, college students are less likely to go to the theaters or purchase movies on DVD and Blu-Ray.
Netflix has over 29 million subscribers worldwide and gives users the ability to stream thousands of movies and shows instantly.
Although convenient, it often takes months even or years for a new movie or episode to be posted.
Many students find a way around this by using pirating sites such as Megashare. These sites allow Internet users to view episodes only hours after they premiere and view movies often before the film is released on DVD.
With everything turning digital, is there even a need for movie theaters anymore?

When asked most Castleton students said that they visit a movie theater only a few times a year. They are more likely to make the trek if it is a much awaited sequel such as “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
Their reason avoiding the theaters?

“It’s too expensive,” said student Bekah Jensen.
And she isn’t wrong. Tickets for a regular, 2D movie at the Flagship Cinemas in Rutland range from $6.50 to $8.50. Not to mention the snacks and drinks or the upcharge for a 3D film.     

Regardless of the cost, going to the movies is still a special outing.
“I enjoy going to the movie theater with a group of friends,” said Tony Sawyer.  “Also, I enjoy the movie theater for the popcorn. Nothing beats a good ole’ bag of movie theater buttered popcorn.”

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