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At Castleton State College there are several people who put in time an effort to both teach and acquire knowledge. They demonstrate the attributes of a friend and a leader around campus.
Not everyone gets the opportunity to be acknowledged for these traits, but they can with a little help. The Leonard C. Goldman Distinguished Senior Award and the Outstanding Faculty Award are given out every year at the beginning of the graduation ceremony.
Leonard C. Goldman was a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and came up with the award. Nominators for his award must be a CSC administrator, faculty or staff member or a graduating senior.
“It’s not an academic award or an athletic award per say,” said Alumni Association Treasurer Gary Quinn. “It’s for the senior that typifies what Castleton is all about.”
The winner of the award will be presented $1,000 by the CSC alumni association board president.
The Outstanding Faculty Award is given to a member of the Castleton staff in honor of their teaching and impact on students both present and past.
“Awards are never what drive me, but it was humbling and emotional to be given the award,” said 2012 recipient David Blow. “I think it’s great to have and to get it is validation that you’re making a difference.”
Those nominating must be a graduating senior, alumnus, administrator or faculty member.
“Castleton faculty members hope to prepare their students to lead productive and meaningful lives,” said 2013 recipient Denny Shramek. “Consequently, those faculty members devote an enormous amount of time and thought to their teaching. The Outstanding Faculty Award is one way to acknowledge such work.”
Outstanding Faculty Award winners get a $250 prize and a plaque.
It’s important to make nominations because it is how both awards are chosen. When a nomination is made, it is best to be very specific with examples so that the person being praised has a strong chance to win.
“We need examples of what they did to earn the award, not just they’re an awesome friend or a great professor.” said Quinn.
Award nominations can found on the Castleton website under the alumni section. The deadline for nominations is April 4 before offices close.

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