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It is officially springtime! Wait. So you’re telling me it’s spring despite the fact that we have snow on the ground still, single digit temperatures, and more snow on the way?

Yup. It is lovely old springtime alright. Let’s just hope this snow melts soon and fast so the baseball and softball teams have a chance to play on their home fields before May.
Winter sports have officially ended. Castleton’s woman’s basketball team lost to Tufts 55-35 in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. Tufts was a very strong opponent and anytime that the Spartans were in a groove, it seemed like Tufts just came right back and shut down their run quick.
I was fortunate enough to ride the bus and see the game in person, it showed the sense of Spartan Pride that we have on this campus. All in all I would say there was 50-60 people in the section I was in and even more people in the bleachers below us. Oh, and Tufts ended up in the final four this year.
Spring sports are trying their best to get off and running, but it is getting tough due to weather conditions lately.
The baseball team is 3-4 in this young season, playing three games in Texas and four games in Virginia.
The big thing for them is getting to actually play games. They were scheduled to go to play Coast Guard in Connecticut this previous Sunday, but that game was postponed. They are supposed to have a game next week against Skidmore and Husson, but it is looking tough for them to have a home game anytime soon.
Softball has also been patiently waiting to play as they are sitting at 0-2 and haven’t played since March 6. They have home games coming up and are supposed to play at Middlebury, who has had the same problem with this “snow stuff.”
The madness has officially ensued into March with the men’s basketball tournament opening up this past week. There were some major upsets in the round of 64 matchups. Number 14 seed Mercer upended Number 3 seed Duke, which made me jump out of my seat and scream a little bit because I am a North Carolina Fan. Also three 12-seeded teams advanced to round 32. The best news is that I picked those three teams for my bracket.
But the worst thing is I picked Ohio State in the Sweet 16 and they were out on the first day after losing to fellow Ohio team Dayton in overtime. And as far as the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge goes, there are no perfect brackets remaining after the first round of play.

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