SGA seeks new food opportunities

In recent discussion, the Student Government Association has danced around the idea of trying to add a new dining establishment to campus.
Last week, an email was sent out by SGA Treasurer Elizabeth Young that included a survey asking students for their thoughts on current food options on campus.
The questions were based on what type of options students would be most interested in if a new eating area was considered.  

“There aren’t many options for students to eat on campus. Huden and Fireside get old after a while and without a car, all you’re left with is the Deli and Birdseye. A restaurant-like dining area would be a great addition to the college’s campus,” said sophomore Michaela Sorrell.
Many students share the same views about present food options on campus.
“I think a new dining area at Castleton is a great idea. The residential halls have expanded and so should the food options,” said senior Liza Tarleton.
At a recent SGA meeting, Young said she has heard a lot from students looking for more eating options, including commuters.
“We really hear that commuters would like more options – and it would be smart to have another place for all students to eat,” she said.
One potential option being considered is that of “SubConnection,” a dining deli provided by Sodexo.
Castleton College has been consistently expanding in recent years and with the addition of a new dorm and new academic buildings, students say it only makes sense to build another dining option.
Former Vice President of the SGA, Corrie Keener, talked about how in the past, they talked about adding a new dining option, while also trying to keep focused on the already present buildings and to keep them in tip-top condition by working with what they already have.
“There is a food committee that meets once a month,” Keener said. “It’s there to address some of the dinning issues on campus and is open to students for their thoughts and opinions.”
SGA encourages students on and off campus to come to these meetings and express their opinions because in the end, their goal is to make campus a better place for them, she said.
Callie Ginter and Megan Harris contributed to this story.

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