Sodexo employee makes students feel at home

You roll out of bed, plant your feet firmly on the bone chilling floor with one goal in mind: GET FOOD.
Despite the nose-numbing cold, nothing keeps students away from trekking into Huden Dining Hall at least two or three times a day. And from the early morning coffee runs, to re-fueling after a long day of classes, Nancy Johnson’s smiling face is always there to greet Castleton students and faculty.
Easily the students’ favorite Sodexo worker, Johnson treats students as if they were her own children. She asks about their days, listens to their problems and tries to help.  

“I only have one child and he lives in Connecticut. So the students I interact with and see every day have become like children of my own,” Johnson said.
Student worker Taylor Zimmer is a big fan of Johnson.
“I love to work with Nancy! I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her and I know if I ever need anything she will be there to help me in any way possible. She has become like a mother to me since I’ve been away at college.”
Huden supervisor Bonnie Pelliccione was eager to talk about Johnson’s work ethic.
“Nancy interacts with the Castleton Students very well, which makes her a positive asset to Huden and the Castleton Community as a whole,”she said.
When asked about the importance of a college education, Johnson replied with a powerful statement.
“Overall, I am so happy to see so many students further their educations, especially females. I never got the chance to go to college so I always tell the students to do well in school so they won’t end up working somewhere like this for the rest of their lives,” she said.
Working around temperamental college students is surely a challenging task, but Johnson goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is taken care of.
“She’s an angel,” said Castleton sophomore Eammon Flynn

When she isn’t working, Johnson said she often sees students around town. Being such a campus celebrity, students run up to her with open arms and smiling faces.
“Being recognized every so often makes me feel appreciated,” she said.

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