President: no parking problem

When Dave Wolk said he first got he first got to Castleton 13 years ago, two things were areas of concern for students: food and parking.
Over the course of his 13 years here, those concerns have not subsided. That is especially true when it comes to parking, which students always seem to have an opinion on.
“It sucks, because people can’t park,” said junior Brian Bird, who added how annoying it is when some students double park their cars taking up two or more spots.
When asked, if there is a parking with problem on campus, at least for students, college President Dave Wolk said no.
“There are plenty of parking spaces. Is it just that students don’t like where they park?” he said.
The numbers certainly support Wolk’s point as Dennis Proulx, Dean of Students supplied a sheet listing the number of parking spaces on campus. There are 1,486 parking spots on campus. Of those 1,486 spots, 739 for residents, 518 for commuters, 168 for faculty and staff, 39 for people with handicap stickers and 22 parking spots for the S.H.A.P.E Gym.
The numbers date back to 2010, but Proulx said with the opening of Hoff Hall and Physical Plant moving, that the number of spots likely actually went up, but not substantially.
Proulx added that even during the school’s peak hours of Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. there are spaces open on campus.
Of course that does little to help students like freshmen Zach Field, who usually works evenings at Cara Mia’s Pizzeria or Hannaford Supermarket in Rutland, getting back well after many of the spots in the Observatory or Hoff lots are full.
“You get back here at 10:30 at night … (Sometimes) it’s cold,” said Field, adding that the frequent walks from his car to his room in the cold this time of year are fairly unpleasant.
He does have a suggestion though for a possible way to help alleviate student’s displeasure, which would be to take some of the commuter spots behind Jeffords and turn them into resident spots.
“Even half that lot, I think would help out tremendously,” said Field, who was a commuter for his first semester and said there were usually spots open there.
Wolk has a suggestion of his own though, for those who have a problem with the way parking is on campus.
“If students are concerned with parking, take it up with the Student Government Association,” said Wolk.

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