Every woman has a story to tell

Every Wednesday during the month of March, countless women share their stories in Huden Dining Hall.
“Every Woman Has a Story” has been around for 11 years and Victoria Angis has been there each year to make sure it happens.
Around 100 women have participated in the event including students, staff and administrators.
“Since 1988 we’ve celebrated Woman’s History Month on campus with a variety of activities including speakers, Fireside chats and performances,” said Angis.
“I got the idea from watching the Opera Winfrey show and came back to Castleton and said, ‘Hey, I think I have an idea,'” Angis said while laughing.  

A group of individuals get together every fall to brainstorm what to do during the month of March and Amy Bremel is one of the dedicated members.
“The speakers have complete control over what they can say, we don’t give them any guidelines,” Bremel said.
The women speak every Wednesday in the alumni room in Huden. Lunch is free to anyone interested in coming, including community members. Each year organizers seek out new women to stand up and talk, making sure to get the best variety they can.
“It’s really just about what they’ve done in their life,” said Bremel. “It doesn’t have to be a life-changing story. Some women just talk about their job.”
Senior Tyler Hartley went to one of the sessions for the first time this year.
“I didn’t know much about it in previous years, but I liked it, it was different and interesting,” he said.
As the month continues, more women will stand up to share their stories in Huden and other activities will be going on during the month. Bake sales will be held and some Soundings events will focus on women, officials said.
For more information about the events contact Victoria Angis or Amy Bremel.

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