Only 10 weeks till we graduate

If you watch television or go anywhere near a store, you’ll notice all the flowers and bright colors signifying spring is coming soon. However, if you take a peek out your window, all you’ll see are the streets and trees still covered in snow, indicating the Vermont winter is lingering.
We’re all beginning to think these freezing temps and snowfall will never end and no one would think graduation is in less than 10 weeks.
But it is.
It’s not just coming, it is rapidly approaching. But before thinking about the future and post-graduation plans, try to enjoy everything before you leave Castleton. For me, that includes every aspect from lacrosse practices and workouts to time with my friends.
There are so many emotions involved when graduation comes to mind, it’s almost overwhelming. The word “bittersweet” seems so cliché, but also such an understatement.
Graduation, for those of us not going to grad school, means no more late nights staying up cramming for finals. On the flipside, it also means we don’t have that great of an excuse to stay up late for “thirsty Thursdays” and “Sunday fundays.”
We’ll no longer have homework, but we also won’t have breaks in the middle of our day to sneak in a nap between classes.
It signifies the end of college life, but it begins the rest of our lives working and exploring. It’s time for new adventures, even though we have to say goodbye to all the crazy, fun college ones.
We can take all the pictures and keep the memories in our hearts, but there’s still a sadness that lingers in the air when the word “graduation” works its way into conversation.
The reality of it is we have 10 weeks left to be considered “college students.” Ten weeks to have an excuse to be out until 3 a.m. and 10 weeks to squeeze the last we can out of the Castleton experience.
There are only 10 weeks left to have as much fun as possible and make as many memories we can with the friends who have turned into family over the last four years.

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