Challenge Accepted!

Nineteen credits and one semester left … So much and yet so little. It shouldn’t seem so daunting; after all I’ve already survived seven semesters and earned 103 credits.
To be honest, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel fills me more with dread than delight. I have been a student for more than 75 percent of my life and the thought of no longer spending time in classes is frightening.
Even though everything is moving so fast and there is so much to do, I take solace in the small things, like an extra hour of sleep or a free “adult beverage.”
Perhaps my favorite small thing though, is taking time to watch an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” whenever I can.  I cannot help but compare my adventure toward graduation to Ted Mosby trying to meet the ‘one.’

Though the show goes off the air before I graduate, I have been following it for a long time, nine years to be exact.
I’ve followed the adventures of Mosby (even though I’m way more like Marshall) all the way from the start, always enjoying his seemingly never ending adventures.
I think of all the great moments, like when Ted thought Robin was the one, Lily leaving for San Francisco and then coming back, Marshall and Lily’s marriage, Barney’s escapades, Ted being left at the altar, Marshall’s father dying, Marshall and Lily having a son, Barney and Robin getting engaged to each other and finally at the end of the last season, getting to meet the mother whom the show is named after.
It’s been a real journey, both watching the show and getting ready to graduate from college. It started when I was in eighth grade, seems like so long ago. I was a little shorter, a little rounder, and college seemed so far away.
Now, I sit here nine years later, typing away on this column while on my lunch break from my internship at the Rutland Herald. In that time I’ve not only gotten through the so-called toughest years of my life (high school), but even my time in the once distant land known as college is now rapidly winding down. Nineteen credits and one semester to go, I say bring it on.
In the eloquent words of Barney Stinson,
“Challenge Accepted!”

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