A push for a CSC pub

In order to teach students about drinking alcohol responsibly, give them a beer.
For most of age Castleton State College students, a social gathering place such as a bar is several miles away from campus. With the high cost of alcohol, the gas money to drive to the place, and the headache of figuring out a safe way to get back to campus, it seems like “staying in for the night” is the most viable option when it comes to having fun.  

We thought it might be time to get a buzz going by saying Castleton State should have an on-campus bar.
Several bars around Rutland County attract students on weekends and sometimes weekdays. And that’s all fine and dandy, but an on-campus bar would provide a safe space for students to drink with friends without having to worry about trekking back to campus and might potentially curb a lot of off-campus drinking problems.
Not to mention, a bar would also provide several new work study jobs.
Students are less likely to fall into danger or get into trouble with alcohol if they are drinking on campus at a safe place, surrounded by friends and familiar faces. Furthermore, students will drink regardless of whether Castleton considers holding town halls and information sessions around this possibility.
Sure there are going to be some who abuse the privilege and there will be those administrators who despise the idea and will fight it – like has been done in the past when it has been mentioned.
But is it possible opening a bar on campus might actually establish a deeper sense of rapport between students and faculty and administration?

If students feel the administration trusts them enough to open up a pub, they will be more likely to listen to the guidance on alcohol consumption.
This vision of a campus bar, therefore, is not outside the realm of possibility. We’re not talking about a place to go “get hammered,” but rather, a nice informal place for people to meet people, swap stories, and enjoy a meal.
For the sake of a safe and centralized social experience for the Castleton community, it is time to consider the value of pushing for an on-campus pub.
Sometimes the problem is part of the solution. And sometimes the poison is a part of the cure.

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