Skipping class makes no $ense

How many times have you skipped class this semester? Two, three, four times?
Well, if you’ve skipped class four times, you’ve lost $321, and that’s the figure for an in-state student taking 12 credits.
If you’re from out of state or taking more than 12 credits, you losing even more money.
At Castleton we pay about $1,280 per three-credit course, that’s $80 every time you go, or don’t go to class.
Students are generally given three excused absences and then their grade gets docked for every additional unexcused absence.
Students can choose whether or not they’re going to go to class. College students are finally adults, able to make their own choices.
As long as you’re doing the work – who cares how many times you’ve skipped? Right?
Well you may not be caring about those wasted dollars now, but when it comes time to start paying your student debt, you’ll wish you had gone to class.
When a professor cancels class, it’s like all your prayers have been answered, until you realize that’s $80 you won’t get back. This begs the question – if a professor cancels more than three classes (the equivalent of a students three excused absences) should the student get reimbursed? We are, after all, paying to go to class.
College is an opportunity. When a college accepts you, it’s like saying “we are going to invest in you, we believe in you.”
You’re also investing in yourself. You are giving up thousands of dollars to further your education.
Ask yourself why you decided to go to college? Most students go to college so they can compete in the job market. It’s hard to find a good paying job without a degree.
Unfortunately, a degree in partying doesn’t help much with a career.
You’re in college, no one expects you to be a perfect virgin, non-drinking, anti-drugs student, but everything is better moderation.
When your newfound freedom starts to impede on your classes, it’s time to take a step back and think about what you’re doing here.
Remember, this is your money. You’re going to have to start paying on loans sooner or later.
Not only are you cheating your bank account, but you’re also cheating yourself. Maybe the one class you skip was the one time the professor gave extra credit to everyone in attendance, or gave some answers to the next test.
By not going to class you’re not getting the education you signed up for.
Next time you think about skipping a class, remember that’s $80 you won’t get back. And maybe remind your professors of the ramifications of missing class too.

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