Has the future arrived?

Imagine wearing glasses with a built in computer. Seems a bit dorky, doesn’t it?

Do you remember the TV show, Ned’s Declassified? Cookie had a pair of those glasses. He would push a computer chip over them and it would be like he was sitting in front of his desktop.
How nerdy!

Well, with today’s technology, it wouldn’t be surprising if we came up with something like this.
Oh wait….
Google just did. It’s called Google Glass.
With one command, the computer does what your fingers usually do for you.
“Google Glass, take a picture.”  

And just like that, a photo is taken.
Technology today is really advancing, but are we in the future we thought we would be in ten years ago?   

“In back to the future, we were supposed to have hover boards and flying cars in April,” joked student Rebecca Hall.
But Colin McKenny, an Apple salesperson at Brown Computer Solutions in Brattleboro, thinks Google Glass is a sign we may be close to that future we envisioned.
“It has a long way for real practicality. I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’m not an expert,” McKenny adds with a low laugh.
To the naked eye, it seems like the only technology advancing is for cell phones, but did you know they’re working on making electronic license plates?

According to ARS Technica, a law just passed in California to allow testing of the digital license plate.
“I think the advances of technology are all evolution. We’re just evolving and learning to communicate faster,” said the Castleton State College Director of Digital Media, Katye Munger.
Computer scientists are also working on ways to make a doctor’s visit easier.
“They’re coming out with health scanners now that can just scan your forehead and talk about all your vital signs. It’ll be able to tell your temperature and get your pulse rate in a matter of seconds,” Munger added while making motions like she were scanning her forehead.
As we shoot our way into a future like the Jetsons, some may want to stop the ride to smell the roses.
Twenty-two year-old student, Jonathon Harmon hates the advanced world we live in.
“People depend on it too much and really, you can’t escape a cell phone no matter where you are,” he said.
But IOS 7 Beta tester Mike Sauer disagrees with the negativity toward advanced technology and thinks the new products could help in a way.
“There’s an app called “Field Trip” that will notify you when you pass something of interest,” Sauer said. “Having technology that will tell you about your surroundings instead of distracting you from it, I believe is just absolutely fantastic.”

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