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A new college website is set to launch for Castleton State College in mid-summer 2014, according to Katye Munger, the schools director of digital media.
The first website for the college was created in 1995. In 2003 there were many big changes before another redesign in 2009, according to Munger, who is spearheading the effort.
“I think that the biggest difference between the old site and the new site will be … everything!” Munger said in an email.
The website currently has all of its information using HTML, which she said is a very time consuming process. When the website is updated, it will look the same on a mobile phone and on different sized screens.  
Dave Wolk, the president of the college, can’t wait for the new site.
“I am very excited about developing a modern, user friendly, interactive website that will be much more attractive to our students, prospective students and friends of the college,” he said.
The college is partnering on the website with Fastspot, a company out of Baltimore, Md.
Alicia Park, a junior with a business concentration in accounting, did not know that the website was getting updated. But after hearing about the new changes going into the website she said, “that sounds great, I can’t wait to see it.”
There are many steps that go into making a website. Fastspot has just finished the information architecture step. This step is like a map to navigate around the website. The next step is the design phase, where they determine what the website will look like. The process concludes with production and development of the website along with final testing.   

“I don’t know yet what it will look like, as we are not to the design phase yet, but it will be snazzy!” Munger said in an email.
The website will have social media integrations and will be much faster and cleaner. This also means that many more departments around the collage will be able control and update their own information, Munger said.

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