Sports Info team has fun while working hard

To be an effective team, the group must be able to get along, be positive and be passionate about the goals they are trying to accomplish. Members of the Sports Information team at Castleton State say they fit that mold perfectly.
“We all take our job very seriously but we love to have fun, and be positive, and we all get along,” said Ben Stockwell, associate Sports Information director.
Stockwell, Jeff Weld, director of College Relations & Sports Information and Brett Ford, Sports Information graduate assistant, make up the team behind the teams. Although they are a formidable team and get along great, all three started their career paths in different ways.
Weld was a four-year basketball player at Castleton, graduating in 2004 and his 446 assists rank him third all-time in program history. Weld was hired in 2004 as the first full-time Sports Information director.
“I was a stat-head, and in the right place at the right time,” Weld said, responding to how he became involved in sports information.
Stockwell graduated from Ithaca College in ’08 and then worked at Stonehill College and the University of Pennsylvania. He then became the Sports Information graduate assistant at Castleton before landing his current position.
“The goal is to be in Jeff’s position one day at another school,” Stockwell said with a smirk toward Weld.
The protégé of the group, Ford, a four-year varsity tennis player, graduated from Misericordia University in 2011 with a degree in communication and became interested in Sports Info “by accident.” An internship with the Washington Redskins led to Ford slightly changing the path of his career.
“If you’re in it for the glory or money, you’re in the wrong field,” Ford said.
Aside from work, Weld loves to garden and cook, noting his specialty dish as smoked pulled pork. Stockwell is an avid reader and he has “crushed all the Game of Thrones books.” Stockwell has also been an intramurals champion at three different schools. During college, Ford was a two-sport athlete, playing four years of tennis and one year of basketball. According to Stockwell, Ford is “deceivingly athletic.”
The work done by Weld and his team may seem like it goes un-noticed but student-athletes definitely appreciate what they do.
“They use social media well, game highlights, player interviews, like ESPN almost, they get the community and student-athletes involved,” said Brad Barber, former Spartans men’s hockey player and current member of the Huntsville Havoc of the SPHL.
“They do a great job of informing the community, parents, and the campus of what’s going on in Castleton sports and provide exposure for the athletes. They are good for the growth of Castleton,” said Ross Herzog, captain of the Spartans men’s hockey team.
This hardworking team gets great joy out of building relationships with coaches, athletes, and the community, along with seeing student-athletes succeed and accomplish their goals, no matter what type of crazy hours they may work.
“Sometimes we look up, it’s 10 p.m. and you realize you haven’t eaten since noon,” Weld said.

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