Skunks invade

The potent smell of skunk has been drifting around campus this year for a whole new reason.  Of course many Castleton State College students are still rather fond of their wacky tobaccy, but that skunk like odor these days is coming from what appears to be a campus-wide infestation of the black and white critters.  

From the doors of Huden to the Spartan athletic fields during nighttime practices, skunks have been terrorizing campus and leaving their foul smell littering the area.
So while CSC party goers are wobbling their way to and from late night parties, these poor sighted critters are lounging around Huden nibbling on fallen apples and food thrown on the ground.
But it’s not just campus.
The two apartment complexes known as “Whites,” have been a yearly target for the skunks. Several tenants have talked about problems including being sprayed and having their garbage trashed.
“I never saw one, but we would put our trash out back on our patio and the next day or even hours later it would be ripped apart and trash would be everywhere,” said Mariah Lesure.
But some say the skunks are nothing new. Angelica Mazzola recounted a run-in with the skunk she had last year.
“I had just showered and I went to leave the apartment at nighttime. I opened the door and heard something moving around and I looked down and saw this white albino skunk going through our trash bags that we left outside the door. So I screamed and slammed the door, but it had already sprayed my leg,” Mazzola said.  

Although Jeff Kurto, General Manager of Castleton’s Sodexo, debunked rumors of skunk traps behind Huden, and few employees have spotted any due to their lack of late night activities on campus, students are still continuing to see them.  On most occasions the skunks can be seen orbiting around the gazebo.
“I was walking between Morrill and Wheeler Hall and some random person yelled for us to watch out for the skunk that was nearby. When we finally saw it, the skunk was heading toward Huden,” said sophomore Kaity Crosby, who was accompanied by junior Emmy Hescock that night.
As CSC’s women’s lacrosse fall ball came to an end, one of Castleton’s furry little friends made an appearance walking along the fence of the turf late at night. Team members were sporting their Halloween costumes, but thankfully they did not end up sporting the harsh smell of skunk.

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