Job fair offers treats, and oh yeah, jobs

At Castleton Sate College’s job fair on Sept. 10, it was not only raining, but raining free stuff and money – or a chance at making money anyway.

There were free massages and caricatures, a chance to win an iPad and gift cards, and oh yeah, a chance for employment.

Students surrounded the more than 60 booths and tables looking for jobs and freebees. For the second year in a row, Renee Beaupre White, director of Career Services, produced a part-time job fair that saw attending businesses double. White and her wing-women, Melissa Paradee, director of Student Activities, combined part-time jobs with activities and clubs, hoping to draw a larger crowd this year.         

Businesses, both local and non-local, were invited to attend the fair to hopefully find potential student workers. White said it’s a great opportunity for students, especially those not eligible for work study.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with companies, and also become comfortable with talking with employers,” White said. “Networking is the best way to get a job; a larger network means bigger results.”

White said she was worried about having enough tables and room to fit everyone this year. Among the business in attendance were JCrew, Mary Kay, Inc. and the Ralph Lauren Polo Factory Outlet Store.

Not all students were looking for jobs though. Many found the pens, candy and other freebees to be the highlight and their motivation. Sophomore Emilee Maher attended the job fair because although she is eligible for work study, she has not been able to find a job on campus yet.

“I really want to find a job on campus, if not, at least one that is close by. I start lax soon so it would be nice to save up some money for gear and other stuff,” Maher said. “It’s not the end of the world if I don’t find a job, it’s pretty entertaining watching some people just walk around sniping free stuff.”

The fair also was an opportunity for campus clubs to network and seek new members.

“It definitely was successful for some of the clubs. Dr. Bergen said it was the biggest he had seen the psych club in years,” said senior Stephany Churchill.  

Some students, like Stephanie DeMond, couldn’t make it to the fair and is hopeful another will be held.

“Last year I worked at American Eagle in the Rutland Mall and we all know that it also closed last year. The job wasn’t too bad, and it gave me extra spending money, but as of now I don’t have one,” DeMond said. “I couldn’t make it to this past job fair cause of classes and meetings, but I hope they do one again so I can have a chance to look around.”

Beaupre-White said DeMond will be in luck, but not until March, when the major job fair of the year is planned.

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