Game Review: Minecraft-Xbox 360 Edition

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was released in 2012.  Rated E10+ – everyone aged 10 and up – there are lots of scares – zombies, skeletons, spiders!  One recent update included new additions such as ocelot spawn eggs, iron golems, jungle biome and Redstone lamps. The update gave players more things to do and find, making the game fun!

 Minecraft Xbox 360 is a survival/building game.  There are no quests to complete, but players build houses out of many materials.  There is no end to the game.  I enjoy “trolling” online friends by secretly booby trapping their homes.  It is funny to place TNT under a grass block in front of a house, with a pressure plate on top.  The player enters his house to hear a hiss before it explodes around him.  Characters are hurt in the process, but they respawn and come right back.  The house is partially destroyed, but they can rebuild. 

The Nether is the creepiest and most ominous world in Minecraft.   It is filled with Blazes (small flying creatures that shoot fireballs), Ghasts (humongous fire-throwing creatures), and Zombie Pigmen (with golden swords!).  It is a horrible place, but players want to go there to get helpful items like glowstone dust which you can craft into blocks of light.

There are multiple skin packs for your character, and you can change them in the title menu or in-game menu.  My top five favorite skins are Master Chief and the Covenant from Halo in skin pack 2, a cat-eared girl from skin pack 5, a ninja and Marked Ninja from Mark of the Ninja in skin pack 4.  

Minecraft is relatively easy to play.  Players quickly learn how to move characters; to look around, left toggle; to move, right toggle.  Redstone is a very complex tool; you can craft lighting, activate roller coasters and make ladders and elevators.  It’s hard to build an entire city because it is complicated, but other players can help.  Up to eight people can play at a time in your world.  It is easy to invite other players if they are already friends with the host.  To build a friends list, send a request through the console.

I am anticipating the next title update; it should happen this month.  The reality I make in Minecraft is a fun place to explore and share with friends. 

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