Nice to meet you, Coach Moffat

Meet the new men’s ice hockey head Coach Steve Moffat. Moffat is the former assistant coach at SUNY Plattsburgh and has come to Castleton with big plans for the near future and wants to create a strong bond with the team.


Q. How has Castleton welcomed you into the community?

A. “Every place has its own adjustments. The community, professors, and students have all been wonderful in making those adjustments easy and making me part of the community.”


Q. What stood out about Castleton hockey that made you want to take this job?

A. “I think what stood out to me was the whole culture of the team. Coach Todd put together a very strong program in such a short span of time. I definitely know I can pick up where he left off and continue the growth of the program.”


A. Do you feel any pressure picking up where prior coach, Alex Todd, took off?

Q. “I don’t feel any extra pressure; I am pretty confident. Being able to coach under such a strong coach like Bob Emery, I was able to learn from one of the best and now put what I learned into action.”


Q. What has been the hardest part to adjusting to the new team?

A. “I have been able to talk to a good few of the guys and they seem like a good group. I am excited to be able to get to the rink soon and be able to build stronger relationships with all the guys.”


Q. How does Castleton’s environment compare to Plattsburgh’s?

A. “I think they both are very similar. I can say that if the school was in Rutland, they would be almost identical. Obviously, every school is unique in its own way, but the adjustment has been easier because of the similarities in the environment.”


Q. Do you feel any pressure going from the assistant to the head coach?

A. “I am confident that the adjustment won’t be hard. I was able to learn under one of the best men’s and women’s ice hockey coaches. With the experience and lessons I got from them, it takes off a lot of pressure.”


Q. Have you set any goals for the season?

A. “We always have goals for ourselves and the team. I have my own, but once we get together as a team, that’s when we will be able to discuss all of our own goals and prepare for the season.”


Q. Do you have any long term goals for the program and the players?

A. “I want to prepare these guys for life after college. I want to see them be ready to graduate and use their degrees to get a good job. School is the main reason they are here, but I still want them to keep hockey as another main focus and understand when it is time to get to work.”

Q. Do you see any differences between the SUNYAC to the ECAC, competition wise?

A. “Both conferences are very strong, especially the ECAC. There are teams like Norwich and Babson, who, year after year, are competing to be the best in Division III. It will be fun and the conference is always exciting.”


Q. Do you see this season as a building year, due to the whole new culture?

A. “I always want to keep my expectations high. The team is always recruiting and trying to win year after year. The difference this year is that the players and I have to get to know each other and become a strong team.”


Q. Are you already putting a focus on the future or are you trying to set your feet for this year?

A. “You’re always trying to feel the team as a whole and get into a groove so a little more time is being spent to get acclimated, but you can’t stop looking ahead. We are recruiting right now and once the season begins, the relationships will be formed.”


Q. What has impressed you the most about the team from past years?

A. “Their willingness to help out in the community was very impressive to me. The team is very community-oriented with all they do and how they’re always putting their best foot forward.”


Q. Adding onto the community service, did all the academic accolades stand out to you?

A. “That too of course – they are here to get a degree. We plan on the team continuing its efforts in the classroom, even when in hockey season.”


Q. Do you have a question to pose for our next featured spotlighted Q&A?

A. “With everything around here being new to me, it would be interesting to hear about some good restaurants over in Rutland.”

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