New app makes CSC life easier

Your college? There’s an App for that!

Castleton has just entered the world of Smartphones with its very own free App.

I initially heard about it on my first day of classes while I was jotting down my schedule on the back of an old homework assignment from sometime last semester.

 “You should download the college app.,” said Castleton junior Stephanie Deyette. I immediately went to the App Store on my Iphone to see if this mythical tech creature was, in fact, real.

It was! I immediately began downloading it and 27 minutes later the app was ready to go -shout out Castleton WIFI!

This isn’t your typical disgruntled bird tossing game or even something that will allow you to take and edit photos of yourself that make your social media friends gawk at how much wait you’ve lost, when really you’ve gained 30 pounds.

You can, however, access your Moodle account, your class schedule and your grades. There’s even a map for you lost and overwhelmed freshmen. It’s basically a custom version of the school’s website-minus the email access.

“I recently got a Smartphone,” said Theater Arts major Benjamin Villa, “I use (the app) for the class schedule- it’s incredibly helpful.”

And if you don’t have a smartphone, it was revealed at Convocation by President Wolk that CSC is currently working on revamping the website.

A new website and a new app could have benefits beyond just our current student population. The first impression prospective students have of Castleton is based on resources available online.

 “There was a need for something more mobile than the email,” said Castleton’s S.O.S. Coordinator Meghan Hakey. “The website’s design wouldn’t let you see it well on your phone’s browser.” 

Hakey said she also appreciates the easy access to her grades and Moodle.

“It’s literally everything about Castleton at your fingertips.”

The only complaint students have for the app is the lack of email access. I’m not totally sure why you wouldn’t just bring your phone to IT, they have the ability to set it up properly, but I digress…

“The app is really fantastic,” said Hakey “I recommend it!”

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