Book Review: “Everything Matters”

“Does anything I do matter?” It’s a question asked to open young readers’ minds at the end of chapter one in “Everything Matters” by Ron Currie Jr.

“Everything Matters” is one of those books that a casual college student would walk away from. However, having the fall 2013 freshmen read this book is a great way to start them off.

To sum up the entire book: Junior, a strange boy who has an odd “voice” in his head, knows exactly how the world is going to end.

With a mix of violence, drug abuse, and alcoholism, the entire book is an emotional roller coaster.

Reading this novel will not only open minds, but for the freshmen, it will start them on the process of thinking critically and outside of the box.

The book opens with the strange “voice” talking to a fetus in utero. Not only is this chapter visual, but it get’s the reader thinking before the main plot even starts.

“First, enjoy this time! Never again will you bear so little responsibility for your own survival.” These are the first words stated in chapter one.

At first glance, the first chapter doesn’t mean much; it just doesn’t make sense. But once dissected it really breaks down life and what each and every one of us do without thought, every day.
“Soon you will have to take in food and dispose of your own waste, learn the difference between night and day and acquire the skill of sleeping.”

Though, there are some unrealistic events in the book, there’s at least one way or another that someone can connect to the book.

I definitely suggest reading this adventure. It not only made me view life a little differently, but it pushed me outside the box.

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