Senior reflection of Ellis

Sitting in a room that feels like a sauna, in a predominantly freshman dorm, trying to get some work done and beeeeeppp, beeeeeppp, beeeeeppp; someone held the door open too long.

As a senior I guess I take the little things for granted like knowing the 15 second door rule in the dorm buildings and knowing how to turn the washing machine on without making it sound like it might blow up.

I’ve forgotten how to appreciate old-school rap music at 2 a.m. and the sounds of laughter echoing throughout the halls in the middle of a school night.

I am probably the only one on my floor who doesn’t leave my door open when I’m home because I’m really not interested in making new friends and introducing myself to people.

Call me a spinster but once senior year hits all you can think about is getting in and getting out as fast as you can (the freshman might take that statement a different way but I might’ve too four years ago).

The mystery and excitement of trying to find alcohol on a Friday night has lost its sparkle now that I’m 21 and can legally drink wherever and whenever I please.

The only thing I’m thinking about at 12 a.m. on a Friday night is ‘why the hell are you playing basketball in the hallway while I’m trying to sleep.’ Grandma status, for real.

I try to remember back to my freshman year and sympathize but all I can think is ‘I am exhausted and it’s like way past your bedtime.’

I suppose it could be worse though, no one has passed out yet or puked all over the bathroom.

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