Huden: Changes Always Better?

Freshly paved patio, new seating and a line stretching dramatically from the single entrance of Huden to the gazebo; perhaps no change is better than the wrong change.

The new décor is pleasing to the eye, more seating has been put into place and more options have been added to the food menus. The dining area was in desperate need of all of these things but why make improvements just to take necessities away from other areas?

Sometimes even a change with good intentions just comes out all wrong.

In the midst of all the new renovations they must’ve forgotten the increase in students on campus this semester. Yes, we now have an aesthetically pleasing place for people to sit, but only if they can make it inside first.

Whose genius idea was it to close off the two existing entrances and exits and just put one in?

We’re lucky the weather has been decent lately because in the winter students are going to be lined up with icicles hanging from their faces and snow covering their bodies by the time they get inside to pick up a quick hot meal.

From the 30-minute wait it now takes to get food once inside Huden, we think it’s safe to say there are way too many students to have just one doorway. 

Let’s put it this way, if students are still living in a hotel off campus we think that one entry way is just not sufficient.


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