Senior Farewell

As I finish up my last few days as a college senior I cant help but reflect on my time here at Castleton

It seems like just yesterday I stepped foot on campus for the first time as a naïve freshman with nothing but visions of wild college parties, hopes of cake-walk classes and about fifteen less pounds. 

After several months of celebrating my newfound freedom and lack of parental supervision, I was quick to buckle down and make the most all my college years. 

Two internships, several freelance jobs, an editors position and countless hours of field experience later I now realize and can entirely understand the importance taking full advantage of the benefits and limitless opportunities a small, close-knit school like Castleton has to offer.

Along the way there were sacrifices, such as trading in last summers tan for a summer internship, spending weekends downing in story edits instead of alcohol and being a not so frequent flyer at Sparty parties, but the rewards were much greater. 

Now published, employed and experienced I can truly say I have no regrets.

Of course I’ve stumbled once or twice along the way let that be clear. 

There were plenty of skipped classes, grades I wouldn’t exactly bring home to mom and of course a run in or two with Public Safety.  But despite the good, the bad, the shitty and the stressful I wouldn’t change the last four years for anything. 

So just before I trade in my little black party dress for my recycled bottle cap and gown and switch out my drawers full of skinny jeans for nothing but work pants and skirts that strictly fall below the knee, I want to thank all those who have guided and motivated me along the way.

There have been standout professors, who challenged me from the very beginning to reach for greatness and provided me with more opportunities than ever imaginable. 

There have been administrators, who have opened my eyes to business realms I never saw possible and broadened my field experience. 

There have been work-study supervisors, who could make even the longest shifts enjoyable. 

And most importantly there have been friends, who have provided me with endless support, unforgettable memories and bonds that will be sure to withstand the hands of time. 

Without those people, this college, and the last four years I would not be the person I am today.

Though I came to Castleton with mixed intentions, low expectations and a mediocre work ethic, I am leaving a seasoned and well-rounded Communication graduate ready to take on the world of journalism.

I don’t exactly know what’s next for me, but I do know, thanks to this college, I’m ready.

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