Freshman takin’ on the end of the year


It’s that time of year again! The weather is finally getting warmer and everyone seems to be out and about. Registering for classes is as tedious as always, especially for the freshman. We wait until all of the upperclassman fill their schedules get whatever classes are leftover. Then possibly try and get signed into those other classes that we really want, but are already full.

Another thing that comes along with summer for some people are summer jobs! With the nice weather brings lots of customers and more excitement to the job. For me, working at a carhop is anything but boring. Being on your toes at all times is what it’s all about.

It’s nice to go back to your hometown as well and many look forward to that as we come to the end of this spring semester. Only 3 more weeks until finals, and summer here we come! Camping, swimming, hiking, amusement parks, and just about everything that involves the outdoors. Sitting back and relaxing in the sun for the first time after being cold from the winter weather will be a relief.

On the flip side, while all of this excitement is happening here at Castleton there is a lot of confusion and tragedy in Boston, Mass. On Monday, April 15th all students were given the opportunity to sign up for a Boston Red Sox game that will be playing this Sunday. I was one of those kids that chose to sign up and am very excited about going. After hearing about all the chaos in Boston it makes everything a little more nerve racking.

All of the innocent people in Boston don’t deserve what had been given to them and those horrible suspects really make you stop and think about how messed up people really can be. Some people can be so cruel and the lives lost during the bombing at the Boston Marathon will never be forgotten. It’s amazing how everyone can pull together in the harshest time and really help out in any way they can.

No matter what size a community is, it is always such a nice thing to hear about the amount of cooperation and kindness that is shared when something awful has arisen.

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