The benefits of intramurals

Dribbling down the court, Vinny Addonisio cuts back once, beating one player, leans left then right blowing by the last defender. He picks out his corner and within seconds — GOAL!
Throwing his hands up in the air, he turns around and belts out a scream of excitement while running by his teammates and getting high fives all around.
Whether it is soccer, basketball, flag football or whatever sport you fancy, intramural sports at Castleton State College are not only for the wanna-be competitive athlete, but also for students who just want to have fun.
Jack Hubbard tends to watch out for the players who are all decked out from head to toe in Nike and Adidas wear because they tend to be there to win it all and will stop at nothing for the W. What bothers Hubbard is when “the others yell at their teammates when they complain and when they try to stack their team, it can take the fun out of it.”
The teams might not be always fair, but for most of the students playing, it is just about hanging out with friends and being active. Playing on one of these teams can be a great way to make new friends if you are shy or if you are a new, first-year student here at Castleton, participants say.
Varsity soccer player Dameon Young plays multiple intramural sports, not only for that championship t-shirt, but because he said, “all of my friends play and it keeps me in shape for when the season starts.”
For Alex Sedergren, the exercise he gets and the competition that intramurals provide is a nice change from his rigorous class schedule.
“It is definitely a stress reliever,” he said. “It takes my mind off all of my school work, which is nice.”
And there are many benefits to playing an intramural sport. Francette Tice, an R.N here at the Wellness Center, sees firsthand what stress and anxiety can do to students.
“Any type of physical activity is healthy,” she said. “It is recommended if you are suffering from depression because it releases endorphins that relieve anxiety.”
Intramural sports do not only provide competition and a way to relieve stress, but you can also earn work-study money from helping run the events. You get to watch the games, keep time and score and get paid to do it.
Anybody on campus can sign up to play on a team or make one of their own. Be sure to check your Castleton email for registration notifications. There is a link attached to the email that will direct you to the registration site. For more information, contact Alex Todd through the Castleton email or call 802-468-6429.


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