Former student makes it big

Molly Brady is an actress striving to make her way in Hollywood. However, she has something in common with us at Castleton– she is a 2001 graduate of CSC.
She classifies herself as a working actress acting out in San Francisco, which, she says, has its strength and weaknesses.
“I have a sales job I’ve been working for a long time. As a working actress, you’re not constantly working. It’s more of auditioning and trying to get a part…living in San Francisco is not inexpensive, so you definitely have to have another source of income to live here,” Brady said.
She has a few cameo roles in the shows like “Alcatraz”, and Trauma,” even working with Owen Wilson in her new movie “The Internship” which comes out this on June 7.
“I just have a small part, but it’s fun to work with Owen Wilson. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting,” she said.
She even played a shooting victim on “Trauma”, adding it was one of her more enjoyable roles.
“It was great; you get all the makeup, and the fake blood and all that. They used a real gun, and really shot using blanks so it made everyone feel like it was a real shooting going on inside an office, which was actually kind of scary,” said Brady, before laughing.
She has met a few actors and actresses in her time in San Francisco especially when attending First Take Acting Academy. When meeting professional actors and actresses, she was happy to debunk one stereotype.
“You see them in the movies and you think they’re a certain way, and a lot of them are different in real life,” said Brady, adding that she has not had a bad experience yet.
Brady was actually an art major here at Castleton State, saying she was more concerned about a career.
Brady said she has had a lot of fun acting in Hollywood, even meeting famed science fiction director J.J. Abrams while she had a cameo role on “Alcatraz”.
“We filmed it on the island and started filming at four in the morning and we went until almost midnight one day. It really felt like you were trapped on Alcatraz,” said Brady laughing.
Even though she is working on her way to being a successful actress, she was not as well-known back here at Castleton.
Rita Bernatowicz, the art department chair could not remember having Brady as a student.
Even though she was an art major, she knew growing up she always wanted to be an actress.
“I always wanted to [act]. I loved watching movies and TV, and probably too much of it, because I was always so into watching the actors and always had a knack for seeing people and knowing what they’d been in.”
Gina Isabelle, a senior and also an art major likes the prospects Brady brings to the department as an actress.
” Maybe I can become make-up artist [in Hollywood].”
Mark Cohen, a student , thinks about what that must mean for students in the theater department.
“I bet it pisses off a bunch of theater majors,” said Cohen laughing.

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