Shevy Smith serenades Fireside

Welcome back readers to this week’s music review. A couple weeks ago, Shevy Smith came to perform at Fireside Cafe. Smith’s style of music is country rock with a hint of blues. Her solo performance was wonderful. Her singing is beautiful and she plays guitar effortlessly. She performed many of her own songs, and I will be reviewing a few of them. You can find her songs on her website

“Rocket Fuel” is more of a soft rock song that starts and ends strong. Even though the song is sad, it has this slightly happy undertone at times. The song is powerful and moving, perfect ingredients for a great tune, and the guitar work is great in this.

“Moccasin Feet” is more of country song that in my opinion tells about her life. Smith seems to be reflecting on her life in the lyrics, which tell of her ups and downs. This song also has a wonderful guitar part, but this one ties into the song more.

 “Ad Astra Per Aspera” is a country rock song that tells about the difficulties of life. But it also tells us that even though we will have our difficulties, we will all end up in the stars up above. The keyboard or piano part is a great touch to the song to give it an uplifting feel.

“FGT: Friendly Grenade Toss” is a great country song. The tempo of the lyrics and the melody of the guitar give it that great country feel. The lyrics talk about anger for what has happened in the past, but how this past can’t be forgotten. Also you have to live with the choices you have and will make.

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