SGA elections now online

College Court is pleased to announce that Student Government Association election is going wireless.

            Online voting for SGA positionswill take place from March 18 to 22 and this year Castleton State College students can vote in the comfort of their own dorms and homes.

            College Court Chief Justice Kyle Reed is expecting a great turnout in this year’s election.

            “I’m excited to see the response to the online voting,” Reed said.  “We’re expecting to break our voting record.”

            According to Reed, the record number of votesis approximately 650. College Court hopes to reach about 800 votes.

            Advisor to College Court and Residence Life Director Michael Robilotto said online voting may also cut back onsome of the errors in of the past withpaper ballots.

            “This will help eliminate ballots that are filled out incorrectly,” said Robilotto.

            He also said online voting will help commuters to vote on their own time instead of having to make a special trip to the Campus Center.

            Junior political science major Ryan Flood says he has spent a lot of time creating these online ballots and believes they should be easier for students to vote.

            Reed said every student will receive an email the day online voting starts.  Within that email they will get a link, directions and a personalized password. Each student will get one chance to vote online, which will close at the end of the week.

            SGA President Michael Shalginewicz said he is optimistic about the online voting.

            “It works for some schools,” Shalginewicz said.  “We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

            Those who miss the chance to vote online still have a chance to cast their ballots in a more traditional way from March 25 to 29 at the Campus Center. 

            In other news, the SGA debated abolishing WIUV as a club. Advisor to SGA Melissa Paradee said shehopes that in doing so, the college would pick up the bills for any technical equipment that may be out of date or against regulations.

            The SGA decided to take no actionuntil all parties have been spoken with and more research is done.

            The SGA alsodebated funding the Social Issues Club’srequest to go backto Seaside Heights in May.  Due to issues that complicated their last trip – underage drinking, driving the fleet van without a fleet license and minor damage to the Castleton’s van – the SGA also postponed decision on this matter.

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