New professor fitting right in

The professor puts her stuff down on the lectern, paces to the light switch, flips it on and wastes no more time before getting into the prepared lesson. In no time, thepetit athletic looking professor encourages students to participate as she fires questions and comments at them.

Meet Marybeth Lennox, the new assistant professor for physical education and the Sports Administration Intern Coordinator. Although she just started last semester, colleagues and students are already signing her praises.

“She brings practical experience to the classroom along with context,” said professor John Feenick who helped hire Lennox.

Despite her short time at Castleton State, Lennox said she already feels at home.

“The staff and the students are all very genuine,” Lennox said.

On top of the four classes she teaches, Lennox is also administering the sports administration program.

Students say her worth can be measured by more than just classroom lectures.

“She’s helped me come out of my shell and taught me how to be more confident with whom I am and where I am going to be in the sports world,” said senior Sharon Lewis.

And when Lennox is in the classroom, students say she always seems excited about what she is teaching and relates her experiences to lessons.

“Marybeth is outgoing, hands on and willing to meet with students whenever,” said Lewis.

Lennox graduated from Binghamton University with a bachelor of arts in mathematics and in psychology and a master degree in social sciences. She is currently working on her master’s degree in business administration from Oswego State University.

Her ambition and accomplishments don’t stop there though.

She was an assistant women’s soccer coach then interim head women’s soccer coach at Binghamton University. She was also an assistant to the athletic administration, assistant athletic director for internal operations and an associate athletic director.  After leaving there in 2005,Lennox was then athletic director at Trinity University for a short time before becoming the athletic director of Green Mountain College in Poultney.

Lennox’s passion in the classroom is easily recognized by the way she gets so into a topic gives countless relatable examples. When something is less serious, she’ll pace to the front row of desks and smile with such sincerity. She will call students out, mocking them but quickly assuring them she didn’t mean it offensively.

“The students are authentic and are all here for the right reasons,” Lennox said.

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