Get to know your candidates for SGA election

The candidates for contested SGA races:


Why do you think you deserve this position?



Samantha Bessette: I think I deserve this position because I am a responsible adult who is very creative and determined to make a difference in this community. 


Zachary Howe:I am looking to help this campus continue to improve; this would include more green up days.  My main goal is to strive for community compost. This would decrease the waste from our dinning halls. Give back to the local farms and farm animals. This may also lead to somewhat of a community garden that could possibly provide jobs to high school students. 


Timothy Mackintosh:  I think actions speak louder than words.  I was a freshman for two weeks and then I became Vice President of the business club and ever since then I have tried to incorporate myself into every event possible because I love being apart of the Castleton community.


James McCormick: I have been at Castleton for four years and understand the student body. I can find common ground between disagreeing groups. Finally, I want students to enjoy being involved with our school.


Andrew Levesque: I deserve the position of SGA president because of my hard work, diligence, and integrity. I will truly work hard to ensure that the wants and needs of the student body are represented. 





Jessica Galatioto: I think I deserve the position I’m running for because I’m dedicated to what I get involved in. I’m also very responsible.


Elizabeth Young: I think I deserve this position because I have the energy and the determination to get the job done.  I’m reliable, organized, honest, and responsible.  Count on someone who can count; vote Elizabeth for Treasurer. 


VP of Academics:

Antonietta Girardi: I am really passionate with fixing problems.  There are a lot of things about Castleton that I feel I can help change.  I think students don’t realize they have a voice and I’d love to be the go-between and give them that voice.  It would be great to bring more excitement to campus. 


Daniel Rivers: As the VP of Academics I will strive to facilitate a consensus decision making process between the student body and the Academic Policy Makers here at CSC, serving as your VP of academics. Also, I’m just like Yoda, only prettier.

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